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Results of testing various Da-Lite screen materials
Projector:NEC Multisync LT150
Projector Mount:Sitting on a 16" high coffee table
Throw Distance:129"
Driven By:HTPC
Software DVD Player:WinDVD 2.6.4
Room Dimensions:15'2" wide, 18'2" deep, 7'7" ceiling height
"Screen" Size:4:3 - 80" x 60"
Camera Used:Canon PowerShot S100
"Screen" to Camera Distance:165"
Camera Height:39"

Having just received my NEC LT150 projector, and reading about good results with Da-Lite High Power screens with this projector, I set out to judge for myself. I wanted to try and duplicate the excellent screen material test done by Christopher Crim with his Sony VPL-VW10HT.
The first section of this test was done on July 10, 2001 between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. There was some ambient light in the room. Note that the dead pixels you see in the photos must come from the camera since the projector doesn't have any. I've had this camera for over a year and have never noticed them until now. Bummer.
The setup. For more pictures of the room go here. The first picture is zoomed out from the viewing position. The masking tape on the wall (just inside the speakers) shows the 80" width boundry. The second photo shows each screen sample with its product name below. The number in parentheses is the gain as stated by Da-Lite. The remainder of the "screen" is a white textured wall.
The windows desktop picture shows the shadow being cast by my center channel speaker. You will notice this same shadow in the other pictures and you can use it to compare the projector black bars vs. "absence of light" black.
In general, I think the pictures are pretty close to what I observed. This was my first attempt at this and will post more in the future including different viewing angles and in total darkness.

A few shots from Gladiator (oops, should have moved the pointer).

Toy Story 2

Vertical Limit

These first two pictures show a simulated ceiling mount with the different screen materials. Due to my low ceiling, the projector was only about 7' off the ground. The first picture was taken while standing (probably 5'9" off the ground). The second picture was taken while seated. Even while seated, the high power showed more brightness. I did have other pictures but they were too blurred since I wasn't using a tripod.
Ceiling mount while standing Ceiling mount while sitting
The projector has been moved back to the coffee table for these next shots that test the viewing angle. I started directly lined up behind the projector and each subsequent shot, moved one foot to the left. In the last couple, my left speaker starts getting in the way since it sits three and a half feet out from the wall.
Angle test - straight Angle test - 1ft left Angle test - 2ft left Angle test - 3ft left Angle test - 4ft left Angle test - 5ft left Angle test - 6ft left
Screen door. Taken about 2ft from the wall.
Screen door
Probably more of a projector test than a screen test. The following pairs of pictures show the different Gamma Correction settings. I have shots from both WinDVD 2.6.4 and the ATI 4.1 players.
Normal Gamma - WinDVD 2.6.4 Normal Gamma - ATI 4.1 Natural 1 Gamma - WinDVD 2.6.4 Natural 1 Gamma - ATI 4.1 Natural 2 Gamma - WinDVD 2.6.4 Natural 2 Gamma - ATI 4.1
Over in this thread, Yahoo mentions that turning off the white segment setting lowered the brightness of the projector. Here are photos with and without "White Segment" checked. I didn't see any visual difference when I switched and I don't think the pictures show any difference either. Could I have done something wrong?
White Segment On White Segment Off White Segment On White Segment Off
Second set of tests after receiving my Da-Lite High Power.

I basically pulled the screen down half way and put the other image samples underneath. The samples are not laid out exactly the same as the original tests so take another look at the setup photo.

Once again, the stuck pixels you see in the photos are from my camera, not the projector (thank goodness!).

The Setup

The setup

Toy Story 2


Cast Away


What Dreams May Come

Vertical Limit

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